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Apple iPhone News Today – have new colours- gold, blue, orange, red

Apple is likely  to release a trio of new iPhones in 2018, including a second-generation iPhone X, a larger 6.5-inch version dubbed the iPhone X Plus, and an all-new 6.1-inch model with some iPhone X features. Having learned a lesson that the prohibitive cost may not sustain, Apple is offering them at a lower price point of around $600 to $700 in the United States.

apple iPhone news today

Apple iPhone News Today

Present iPhone X is limited to Space Gray and Silver.  At least two of the new iPhone models in the 2018 line-up will be available in additional colours.

The second-generation iPhone X will be available in Black, White, and Gold, while the 6.1-inch model is said to come in a wide array of colours, including red, blue, orange, grey, and white. An excerpt from the note follows.

Apple expect the demands for the new 6.5″ OLED iPhone will be better than iPhone X because of similar or lower price but with larger display, dual-sim dual-standby (DSDS), and three possible casing colours (black, white, and gold).

The new 6.1″ LCD iPhone is expected to boost better-replacement demands than iPhone 8/8s did due to being equipped with full-screen, Face ID, selling price lower than $700 USD, DSDS and five possible casing colours (grey, white, blue, red, and orange).

apple iPhone news today

apple iPhone news today

It’s reasonable to assume that Apple has figured out how to mass produce the iPhone X in gold, so there is little reason to doubt this rumor.