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Being spied by your favourite gadget itself is terrible and exposes he dark side of technology. Yes, you are being used, manipulated, spied on, listened to, watched, taken advantage of in service of selling ads — inadvertently of course.

News Updates Today US

This is the zombie conspiracy which no one ever seems to be able to kill over whether our phones are secretly listening to us to know which ads to present to us. This is the same conspiracy Facebook CEO Zuckerberg admitted have adapted.

The study looked at 17,260 Android apps and specifically paid attention to the media proved “The researchers found no instance in which these apps turned on the phone’s microphone unprompted and sent audio. But they did find that some apps were sending screen recordings and screenshots to third parties.”

Or — we’re all worried about the wrong kind of spying. No it is real. It is s the same with the recent headline about third parties reading your Gmail; Cambridge Analytica; and so many others.

For example junk food delivery app GoPuff, which the site describes as monitoring user interactions with the app and sending them to a mobile analytics company called Appsee.

That’s the way it goes with everything, not just tech, right? Money talks, and the other stuff walks.

The researchers concluded on the eavesdropping “Our study reveals several alarming privacy risks in the Android app ecosystem, including apps that over-provision their media permissions and apps that share image and video data with other parties in unexpected ways, without user knowledge or consent. We also identify a previously unreported privacy risk that arises from third party libraries that record and upload screenshots and videos of the screen without informing the user. This can occur without needing any permission from the user.”

news updates today us